Thursday, September 29, 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire: First Impressions [VIDEO]

Amazon Kindle Fire: First Impressions [VIDEO]

Amazon just schooled the tablet market. The Fire, a $199, 7-inch color touch-screen tablet may be the first blockbuster Android tablet, though no one will care that it’s running the Android OS.

On the outside (and I do mean “outside” — Amazon wouldn’t let journalists touch or test drive the Fire), the all black device looks exactly like RIM’s PlayBook, which should not be surprising since it was reportedly built by the same manufacturer that built the PlayBook for RIM. It has a single button on one side of the device, stereo speakers on the other. It’s roughly 11.5 millimeters thick and does not include a camera. It’s also Wi-Fi only. No media slots and just 8GB of internal memory. You only have access to six of them, but Amazon reps stressed that you have unlimited storage in the cloud

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